APPLICATION I would like to be a new UB partner
On admission: Temporary cooperation agreement / invoicey
Yes, I would like to become a fully-fledged UB partner and am seriously interested in the intensive and exclusive UB cooperation. I would like to join the entrepreneur 's international business network, to represent it and to take advantage of the many advantages of cooperation, contacts, resources, appointments, projects, organizations, etc.

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    In the following briefly called "Partner", and Unternehmerbund International, hereinafter referred to as "UB". UB advertises the partner in the aforementioned core competency and grants access data for the use of the communication platform. The partner acts as a contact person for his product catalog or core competency. UB lists the partner in the UB search engine. The support of all UB partners is at the forefront. UB supports the partner by means of accompanying networking and provides all services, activities and resources. The partner ensures that the latter does not abuse the UB's possibilities for services, products, etc., which are not listed in the mentioned core competence. Each UB partner concentrates on its core competency in the network. When possible, the partner provides resources and contacts for the benefit of everyone. The partner entitles the UB to act in his or her sense and to set up activities for him. The partner represents UB and has all the possibilities of the entire economic network. This cooperation agreement begins today and is open-ended. It can be terminated at the earliest after 12 months by registered letter from both sides. If a cooperation agreement is terminated, this means the termination of all cooperations with all partners of the UB. The notice period is 2 months. The automatic extension is 6 months each. If terminated by one side, the UB removal protocol enters into force. The partner ensures to work seriously and reliably, to be cooperative. If you add another UB co-operation partner, you receive 40% of the new partner's co-operation contribution for your active work as mentor, as long as this partner remains. For these funds, they are responsible as mentors for the training and support of the new UB partner. Activities in your region should be increased! You will only receive the mentoring fee as long as you and the registered UB partner remain co-operation partners and both have contributed the UB contribution and have an active contribution to the community. A termination of the co-operation of the mentor or of the partner will cancel the mentor status and the commission immediately. This work is thus taken over by a newly mentioned UB Mentor. If the work as mentor is not implemented, UB can name a new mentor. The monthly co-operation fee is € 95.- plus VAT. monthly or € 950.- plus VAT. UB is entitled to charge the cooperation contribution from the named account. If the partner is in arrears with the monthly method of payment for more than 2 months, the loss of the appointment will be lost and the entire open annual contribution will be due in full. As long as the contribution is not paid, the partner is not entitled to any benefits or resources. In this case, the partner can immediately be excluded from the management, without prejudice to the payment obligation. A reason for exclusion are gross objections by fellow partners or offense against the code of ethics. The UB Ehrenkodex is part of this agreement. The surrender to the legal successor is binding on both sides. I have read and understood this agreement and the terms and conditions on Verbal agreements are invalid. Place of jurisdiction and place of performance is Linz, Austria. Austrian law and morally ethically positive principles apply.