Temporary cooperation agreement / bill
Yes, I would like to be a full-fledged UB-member and have an interest in the active and loyal contribution to the UB-organization.

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    In the following briefly called "Member", and Unternehmerbund International - UB-International, hereinafter referred to as "UB". UB publishes the member as UB contact and contact in our search engine Lupe.cc This agreement begins today and is open-ended. It can be terminated at the earliest after 12 months by registered letter from both sides. The notice period is 2 months. The automatic extension is 6 months each. If a page is terminated, the UB removal protocol takes effect and the member is deleted with the end of the runtime. The member guarantees to work seriously and reliably, to behave cooperatively in the sense of the UB Ehrenkodex. Internal information may not be passed on to third parties. This is not a UB partner application. The member is listed under UB members. The upgrade to the full UB partnership is possible at any time. The member guarantees not to pursue an independent activity. (Except the future work in the UB) If you add another UB co-operation partner, you will receive 40% of the co-operation contribution of the new partner for your active work as a mentor, as long as this partner remains. For these funds, they are responsible as mentors for the training and support of the new UB partner. Activities in your region should be increased! The mentoring commission will only be given to you as long as you and the registered UB partner remain co-operation partners and both have contributed the UB contribution and have an active contribution to the day. A termination of the co-operation of the mentor or of the partner will cancel the mentor status and the commission immediately. This work is thus taken over by a newly mentioned UB Mentor. If the work as mentor is not implemented, UB can name a new mentor.Der Kostenbeitrag beträgt € 18.- monatlich. UB is entitled to charge the contribution of the named account. If the contact falls into arrears for 2 months in the case of a monthly payment method, the loss will be lost and the entire outstanding annual contribution will be due in full. As long as the contribution is not paid, the contact is not entitled to any benefits. In this case, the contact can be immediately deleted from the magnifying glass without prejudice to the obligation to pay. A further reason for exclusion are gross complaints by UB partners or a violation of the code of ethics. The surrender to the legal successor is binding on both sides! Verbal agreements are invalid. Place of jurisdiction and place of performance is Linz, Austria. Austrian law and morally ethically positive principles apply.